Every day is a struggle for the Black Deaf community.  There is abundant evidence of racial inequality that exists in our country. According to the Brookings Institution, an average white family has about ten times greater net worth than an average black family. In a research by the National Deaf Center, Black Deaf people earn nearly 33% less than White Deaf people.  


We at the District of Columbia Area Black Deaf Advocates are not discouraged by the chain of our struggle.  Rather, we carry our struggle as coat of arms as we propel forward because we know that a better day is on the way. 

Advocacy / Civic Engagement / Education


  • Black History Committee

  • Black Deaf & KODA Camp

Civic Engagement

  • Gala Committee

  • Annual Cookout Committee

  • Six Flags Committee


  • Historical Archives Committee

  • Holiday Dinner

  • Black Committee